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about us

Buygla.com - modern online optical salon.

In our salon you can easily buy glasses and accessories
at prices that you will not find in the salons.

5-phase assembly test

The lenses of our glasses are ordered,
produced and assembled in one
from the best and the most modern
in the world, Hoya and Shamir laboratories.
Specialist opticians are working for us
using a unique 5-phase
assembly quality test, which gives a guarantee,
that the glasses are made in accordance with the order!

Satisfied customers

We have been selling stationary for a long time
in Poland and we have extensive experience
what can be confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers,
which we made glasses.

Many years of experience

Your good experiences and practices
we moved to the internet to sell
at better prices!
It's like you're buying from a stationary optician
but at prices impossible to achieve
for the average stationary salon.

Buygla.com - what distinguishes us?

Fast shipping!

We guarantee that the products that are in our shop with the status will be available to you within 24 hours! This means that we have these goods physically in stock and if you do not need to insert the eyeglass lenses into the frames, shipping to you will be at the latest on the next working day!

 We deliver glasses & and frames for free!

Now free delivery for all frames and glasses!

14 days money back guarantee

When buying from us, you do not risk anything! As part of the program, we enable the return of all purchased products within 14 days from their delivery if they have not met the expectations. This also applies to prescription glasses made to order! Just pack the product in perfect condition and send it to us at the company's address. You do not even have to give the reason for the return! If the product is custom made eyeglasses, the refund is possible and the amount transferred to your account will be reduced by the cost of service, the amount of which is included in the regulations of the store available here: www.4oczy.pl/regulamin. Products not made to order (frames without eyeglass lenses, sunglasses without eyeglass lenses, accessories, contact lenses), of course, you return free of charge!