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How do I convert a positive cylinder into negative or vice versa?

An optometrist or ophthalmologist may use the record of positive cylinders or negative cylinders on the prescription, so the spectacle prescription can be saved in two ways. Ophthalmologists and optometrists usually use a positive cylinder record, but if you need to convert it into negative (or vice versa), we present a tool for automatic cylinder conversion. Calculator for converting cylinders from negative to positive or from positive to negative is a tool that will convert it for you. You do not need to know the theory. Just enter parameters: spherical power, cylindrical power, cylinder axis and click "Recalculate". The calculator will calculate our powers and axes.

Cylindrical Power Calculator (Cylinder Power Calculator)
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Starting today, you do not have to recalculate your eyeglass prescription cylinders manually. If the person writing the prescription will save it in the opposite way, then we invite you to use our calculator!