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PRIVACY and cookie files policy

This document regulates the Privacy and Cookie Files Policy of the on-line store kept in the domain (hereinafter referred to as the Store). WML sp. z o.o., Flisacza 47 street, 74-100 Gryfino, Poland (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) exercises due diligence in order to respect a privacy of the Shop users. Personal data is processed according to the provisions of Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data andon the free movement of such data, on the basis of a consent of the individuals.

Controller of personal data

The controller of the personal data contained in BuyGla.comon-line shop is WML sp. z o.o., conducting an economic activity under the firm: WML sp. z o.o., registered in the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG), Tax Identification Number (NIP): 8581872012 and National Business Registry Number (REGON):  38500439900000.

Personal data

The users who use the electronic services through the Shop are asked to give voluntarily their personal data, which include in particular:

  • first name, surname,
  • address, address for shipping,
  • e-mail address,
  • phone number,
  • company name,
  • Tax Identification Number (NIP).

These data can be collected, if needed to realise a contract, when an individual to whom the data is related, is its party or when it is necessary to take the actions prior to concluding the contract at the request of the person to whom the data is related. The above mentioned data is collected by us in order to render services to the benefit of the persons to whom it is related. The Recipient of the collected data is only the Seller.

We can also ask the users who use the services rendered electronically through the Shop to give voluntarily their personal data, that include in particular first name, surname, address, e-mail address, phone number for the marketing purposes. These purposes may include particularly submitting trade information by the seller while using contact data of the Customer. The consent for processing data within this scope can be withdrawn at any moment.

The controller of the personal data exercises special and due diligence in order to protect rights of the users, whose data is a subject of processing, in particular ensures that the data is:

  • processed pursuant to the law provisions,
  • collected for the purposes determined in this document and compliant with the law provisions,
  • not  processed further in a manner that is non-compliant with the above purposes,
  • substantively correct and appropriate with regard to the purposes, for which it is processed,
  • stored in a form that makes it impossible to identify the persons, to whom it is related, no longer that it is necessary to achieve the purpose of its processing.

The users are entitled to a right to control processing of the data related to them, which is contained in the data sets of the Seller. It is especially a right to an access to a content of their data and amend it, and also to request to supplement, update, correct the personal data, temporary or permanent withholding of its processing or its removing, if it is incomplete, outdated, untrue or it has been collected when breaching the act or it is already unnecessary to realise the purpose, for which it has been collected.

The controller of the personal data reserves a right, pursuant to the provisions of the act on personal data protection, to entrust processing of personal data of the Users, whose data is administered by him, to the other companies in order to perform correctly by these companies the operations connected with hosting, administering, maintaining and managing the Shop, as well as  enforcing the claims and explaining the circumstances of an unauthorised use of the rendered electronic services.

System logs

The internal event logs of the Shop server that automatically record the requests of the parties submitted, when the users visit its web sites. The system logs contain a party’s request submitted by the user, IP address, web browser type, language of web browser, date and time of the request, and at least one “cookie” file, which unambiguously identify the user’s web browser.

“Cookie” file

A small file comprising a character string, which is sent to the user’s computer when he/she visits the Shop. When the user visits the Shop again, thanks to the cookie file the user’s web browser can be recognised by the Shop. In the settings of the web browser you can select an option of rejecting cookie files or signalling that such a file has been submitted. The user of the Shop may give his/her consent to use cookie files. However, without them, some functions or services of the Shop may operate incorrectly.

Data collection

The data collected in the system logs is used by the Seller for an indefinite period of time only in order to administer the Shop. The data is not given to the benefit of the third party entities, excluding the circumstances described in this document.

With regard to using the Shop by the users, we can automatically collect and record in the server logs the technical details in respect of a manner of using the services, requests related to rendering electronic services  submitted by the user, IP address and technical data about operating of the Shop with regard to the activities performed by the user, especially information about beginning, finishing and a scope of each use of the service rendered by electronic means. We may also collect information, in order to store them locally on the user’s device, using a memory mechanism of the web browser.

While rendering services to the benefit of the users, we use professional technologies in order to collect and record information, such as cookie files. An access to the cookie files can also have Google company with an intermediary of Google Analytics and Google Adwords, tools, in order to draw up the traffic statistics and effectiveness of the advertising campaigns realised by the Seller by means of the above mentioned tools.

The data collected in the Shop that is collected on the external secure and professional servers, on the basis of the contracts concluded by the Seller. The Seller takes duly precautions, in order to secure the personal data of the users against an access of the unauthorized persons, destroying, disclosing and illegal using. Only the users themselves, the Seller, as well as the third party entities specified in this document for the statistical purposes  are entitled to processing the data of the Shop users.

The other

The Shop may include references to the other web sites. We are not responsible and liable for any rules of observing the privacy policy applicable on these web sites. We recommend to read the privacy policy of these web sites after visiting them.

The Seller reserves a right to amend this Privacy and Cookie Files Policy.