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Below you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions. New questions by email are welcome! !

Is it good for me to buy ready-made glasses?

Buying ready-made glasses in the pharmacy or in the bazaar IS NOT SAFE! These glasses do not include your interpupillary - because of that You can even start squinting!

How do work photochromic lenses and what are their advantages?

Photochromic lenses (Transitions or Sensity) work intelligently. Same know how much is UV in the air and adjust the level of darkness because of this parameter. NOTE: Photochromic lenses do not work because of the windscreen in the car - it blocks most UV. In the car you need special lenses called Transitions XtraActive. Their basic coloration is slightly darker but they work even behind the glass of the car. If You need them - please contact us on email.

What is astigmatism and how to choose the right glasses?

Astigmatism is a vision defect - like far-sightedness or myopia. Astigmatism is corrected by cylindrical lenses with properly selected axis. Ophthalmologist should put these two values ​on prescription.

How do I know which values on the prescription are to "read" and which ones to wear for distance seeing - daily use?

On the prescription are usually two tables of values. At the top of prescription usual are given D.V. - which means Distance Vision, and to a bottom are usual N.V. (Near Vision) values for near vision. Your ophthalmologists or optometrists should always put on prescription P.D. - which means Pupil Distance.

How do I know what my pupil distance?

Pupil distance should be written on the prescription by the doctor doing the examination. If that does not happen then you have several options. You can go to the nearest optician and ask them to measure Your PD. Most opticians will do it without any problem. You can also go back to the doctor, who made your prescription and ask for adding PD on the prescription. And last opportunity but also a good distance measured by yourself. Here is brief information about how to do it:


Does buygla.com corrective lenses price is given for 1 piece or per pair?

Optician online BuyGla.com always gives price for a set of lenses (a pair) with installation. There is no NO additional cost - or assembly, or shipping, or handling charges. Our price of complete glasses consist of two things: the price of frames and price of lenses.

Who pays for return shipping if I want to return ordered goods?

The costs of return shipment always pays the customer.

Are all frames / glasses new?

All sunglasses and frames are new and are not used. They come directly from our distributors.

How to speed up the shipment if I pay other than PayPal?

If you decide to transfer traditional transfer send us an e-mail a photo or scan to confirm the transfer. This will speed up shipment.

Can I order a different color, size or model than the frames available on the site?

YES - if only it this model is available. Please just contact us by mail.

Do You sell lenses made of plastic (organic) or glass (mineral)?

All lenses that we sell are made of plastic. Good optical practices says that You can put mineral glasses only at several cases: eg. construction works where the glasses are exposed to extreme conditions of use.

How do I know which index lens to choose?

We have several indexes of lenses (or lens thickness) correction. The higher the index is the lens is thinner. Standard thickness index is 1.50, which is done most of the glasses. We often make the glasses in the index 1.60 - even with small powers. They are more esthetic and lighter by about 25%. The next step is an index of 1.67, which is 35% thinner. Depending on the power of the lens can be thiner to reduce its weight to a maximum index of 1.74 or up to 50% in the lens of plastic and even index 1.90 - that is, up to 60% but in this case it will be necessary to mount glass lens - which will be thinner but will be more fragile, because made of glass. The weight of such lenses 1.90 will also be heavier because the glass itself is heavier - but if you depend on the maximum thinning it will be the best solution. There are polycarbonate lenses called lens Trixex otherwise called PNX lenses. This is a special material to 10x more resistant to cracking and breaking! NOTE: PNX is not suitable for washing in ultrasonic cleaners!

Does the "vein holder" frames need special lenses?

It is not necessary but if you care about aesthetics, it is better to choose lenses made of PNX. Just remember that lenses made of Trivex (PNX) can not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners.

Do I need an anti-reflective coating?

Yes! Yes and Yes! Anti-reflective coating is nowadays A STANDARD not a premium coating. For that case we usually don't sell lenses that don't have anti-reflective coating! .

Which coating on the lenses to choose?

You don't have to be an optician to choose coating if You buy glasses on BuyGla.com. Just tell us what is important for You with 3-steps lenses system which will open automatically if You add Your complete glasses to Your cart.

What frames size is proper for me?

Readable guide to the size frames prepared here: https://BuyGla.com/know-your-size

Do you ship COD?

No we don't. You can pay by PayPal or traditional transfer.