Guide On Sight

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Below you will find a number of tips developed by our specialists, so that the entire knowledge base regarding our most valuable organ such as eyesight is in one place. Feel free to ask questions in chat!

What are eye defects and how to correct them?

We will bring you closer to the most important issues on this subject.


Myopia - otherwise myopic is one of the most common sight defects. It involves the incorrect focusing of light rays through the lens of the eye. In a properly accommodating eye, the images are focused on the retina, and the short-sighted before the retina.


Far-sightedness - otherwise hyperopia or hyperopia, is one of the most common sight defects. In a simplified way it boils down to the loss of image focus when looking at objects that are close, while the distant objects are seen clearly.

What is astigmatism and how to choose the right glasses?

Astigmatism - otherwise discomfort is one of the disadvantages of sight. Occurs when the cornea or lens are not symmetrical. Distinguish astigmatism and short-sighted astigmatism. The causes of astigmatism are not exactly known.

Cataracts - symptoms and treatment

Cataracts - the cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye causing blurring and distortion of vision. The disease is the result of disorders of the metabolism of the lens and loss of its transparency and can lead to a complete loss of vision.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye disorder associated with elevated intraocular pressure which, if left untreated, leads to damage and atrophy of the optic nerve, which results in irreversible blindness. Glaucoma has many varieties.

How to read a prescription for glasses?

A prescription for glasses accurately determines what types of sphericity or non-glare glasses need your eyes for proper vision. However, before you get it, the ophthalmologist must take the exact measurement out of the eye and visual system. Contrary to appearances, the recipe for glasses is not so complicated in interpretation as it seems to us.

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