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Based on our experience, the most important parameter for choosing the right frame size for your corrective glasses is GLASS WIDTH. Sunglasses can be freely choosen based on your personal preferences.

On many frame temples there are small numbers and a little square. Glass width is the number before the square. Why this parameter is the most important? Because the others are proportionally adjusted based on glass width.

It's important to choose the correct glass width. Well fitting corrective glasses provide better quality, but also add accent to your look and make your face look differently. The correct frame can nicely model your face - widen it or slim. But it's also very important to choose the right frame shape. Rectangular or square frames with thin borders will fit oval and circle faces. Rectangular faces will look nicely with oval or a little inclined shapes, so called cats eyes. Lengthy (oval) faces will look effective in rectangular and transversal frames, optically shortening your face. Circle or longitudinal-oval frames will fit triangular faces.

When choosing the right frame for you, it's important to look at technical parameters. Based on our experience, one of the most important parameters is - GLASS WIDTH. It applies to corrective glasses. Sunglasses can be freely choosen based on your preferences.  But glass width is important when you choose corrective glasses.

What is it?

Frame temples have often small numbers on it and a little square. Glass width is the number before the square. It's measured horizontally from the left and right borders. Usually within range of 35mm and 62mm. Why is it the most important parameter? Because the other parameters are proprtionally proportionally adjusted based on glass width. When you choose corrective frames, it's also important to check BRIDGE WIDTH - the space between glasses. It's usually within 12mm to 26mm. If you know your bridge width, it's best to choose frames with bridge width within +/- 1mm. On the picture below, the best bridge width would be between 15-17mm.

This sample frame has glass width 57mm. Bridge width 16mm and temple length 140mm.

It would be best for customers with regular and a little wider faces. You've probably checked on your current glasses, what is the correct size for you. If you did, that's great! In that case you can checkout our offer and choose frames with glass witdth +/- 1mm within your size. In most cases our glasses will fit you very well!

What if the doctor didn't provide you pupils distance on the receipt and there are no sizes on your current frame temples?

In that case you can easily measure the distance on your own with a basic ruler: