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Correction glasses and sunglasses

Nowadays, you do not have to convince anyone that the prescription glasses as well as sunglasses - are an integral part of our appearance and shape our style. Optimal fitted glasses and frames not only ensure visual comfort, which also lend beauty or seriousness of appearance. There is hardly a more professional look than the one thrown over the half-lowered prescription glasses.


In order to fulfill the wishes of our customers, we offer high class spectacle lenses and spectacle frames. There is no compromise on our eyes, in the sophisticated world of technology our eyes are always tired from the constant staring of the notebook or smartphone screen and demand special attention. Restricting visual acuity alone often hinders enough, but if it adds to the fatigue of the eyes, working makes it no fun at all.

How to choose the right glasses?

Choice of glasses can not be left to chance. One should not focus only on the aesthetics, although the modern glasses are, fortunately, real works of art. However, the prescription glasses must also consider other properties than good looks. For example, the width of the glasses is important. If the information on your recipe is missing, you can read on our page how the width is measured.


Glasses for women or glasses for men - the gender is irrelevant, we have racks for every taste. This also applies to the glasses for children, because we also ensure the comfort and safety. Only the pink-red glasses are still missing in our selection, but we are convinced that with a pair of glasses from us and your world looks more beautiful.